Sunday, March 24, 2013

Learning From Watching Others

Since March is almost over, and I've promised myself to try to do at least one post a month, here I am!

The title, Learning From Watching Others, came to me one day when I was at the gym lifting weights.  Like most people, I listen to music while lifting.  I strap my IPOD onto my upper arm. The long cord from the earphones is constantly in my way, even to the point of getting caught on the weights.  The cord can get in the way when I'm cleaning, mowing, and even when I'm bending over to put the leash on the dog. Well, while lifting weights one day, I saw a guy with the cord from his earphones coming from behind his back rather than going across the front of his body!  Hello!  Duh!  There's the answer.  Since then, I've noticed some people even have the cord coming from the inside of their shirts.  OK, you all probably already knew that, or didn't have that particular problem to solve.  But, I bet you've noticed something else in your people watching that gave you a little life lesson, right?  Please  share.  Was there a big aha moment for you during one of your people watching episodes?

I wonder if anyone has ever watched me whip the bottle of light salad dressing out of my purse at a restaurant and had an aha moment?  Either they thought I was crazy, or creative, I dunno.  Works for me when I'm out and want to really pour on the dressing, but still be calorie conscious.  If you'd like to share, I think it works better to just write to me at my email address:

 I hope this finds you well and happily enjoying the spring sights, smells, and sounds.  Take care!


One more thing I'd like to share:  If you haven't seen my website that is mostly dedicated to my ongoing efforts to publish a healthy workbook for kids, I'd love for you to take a look at it.  Your feedback, both positive and constructively criticising, (do you like how I worded that last part?), is welcome and encouraged.  Here is the link: