Saturday, February 8, 2014

40 Things to Do When Stuck at Home

Hi Everyone,

Well, many of you are stuck at home because of the snow, freezing rain, etc.  Cabin fever is probably starting to settle in, so I thought I'd send out a list of 40 Things to Do When Stuck at Home.

If you have any more suggestions for my list, please send them to me by email at:  My sister Ginny put on her cross-country skis and went around the neighborhood.  How cool is that?

I hope you are able to make the most of this situation, and maybe even strengthen your relationships with housemates or with people you might call or write.

OK.  Here's the list:

1.     Give yourself and/or someone else a manicure/pedicure.
2.     Do your taxes. (I know. No Fun.)
3.     Clean/organize your closet or junk drawer.
4.     Bake something fun.
5.     Plan your next vacation.
6.     Write letters to people.
7.     Make greeting cards.  How about homemade Valentines?
8.     Practice an instrument.
9.     Download and watch a movie or TV series.
10.   Do an exercise DVD.  Or, make up your own routine.
11.   Walk to the neighbors and visit.
12.   Play board games or cards.
13.   Read a good book or magazine.
14.   Defrost the freezer or clean the refrigerator. (No fun.)
     15.   Draw or paint something.
16.   Make a "To Do" list for when the weather clears.
17.   Make homemade play dough.
18.   Make a video and post it on U Tube.
19.   Make something out of duct tape.
20.   Start a jigsaw puzzle.
21.   Write a poem or song.
22.   Make a fort with the kids.
23.   Put out food for the birds and squirrels.
24.   Play Nerf basketball, or create your own basket and ball.
25.   Research a topic that interests you.
26.   Take a bubble bath.
27.   Look up DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.
28.   Make a photo album.
29.   Call someone you haven’t talked to for a long time.
30.   Start a journal.  Decorate the cover with a collage about
         your interests/goals.
31.   Find a world map and study it.
32.   Organize a study or crafting area in your home.
33.   Go through your high school yearbooks.
34.   Practice juggling oranges, tennis balls or scarves.
35.   Make paper airplanes.
36.   Practice origami.
37.   Make your own wrapping paper with finger paints.
38.   Play hacky sack.
39.   Give someone (or yourself) a makeover.
40.   Find something to put on Craig’s List.
Stay warm and positive!