Friday, June 26, 2015

Helpful Fitness and Dieting Insight

Hello Again,

I thought I'd write my June post while sitting in my air-conditioned house.  What a heat wave. All the more reason to get an outdoor workout done first thing in the morning!

I'd like to share some things I've been reading about that have been helpful to me:

*If you are taking a daily vitamin, drop one in a cup of water. If it doesn't dissolve completely within one hour, maybe it contains cheap fillers that don't break down in the body, which means you might be missing out on some important nutrients, and need to replace it with a different one.

*Weight training helps improve body satisfaction.  Start thinking of the weight room as the weight-loss room!  Also, remember that using free weights over using the machines means that you will engage more muscle fibers.  In one study of two groups of dieters, over a ten week period, the group that lifted weights lost nine extra pounds of fat over the group that did not weight train.-European Journal of Applied Physiology

*Do you want to know what is the #1 slim down move you can make?  Declare the kitchen off-limits after dinner.  (Well, maybe trips to the Dairy Queen after dinner should also be off limits.)  Besides the fact that it will lead to weight gain if you snack after dinner, eating late can cause you to toss and turn, which can lead to sleep loss. Sleep loss can elevate your level of ghrelin-an appetite stimulation hormone.  Hungry after dinner?  Try a cup of tea.  Sill hungry after 30 minutes?  Go ahead and have a 100-200 calorie snack, one with protein and carbohydrates.  How about a cup of milk?

*When negative thoughts come to mind, try picturing whatever it is going past you on a conveyor belt. 

*Some women wear their sports bras under their work clothes, as a reminder to go straight to the gym after work.  Sorry men, I guess this tip is gender specific! 

All for now!  Wishing you wellness.