Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Something to Consider

Hi Everyone.  I recently accompanied my dear friend while she received two units of blood.  It dawned on me that I have NEVER given blood.  I’ve received transfusions, after surgery, and entertained the idea of donating blood, but have never followed up on that thought.

So, I asked the nurse if there was a shortage of blood at the blood bank.  She remarked that there are peaks and valleys.  She said that she’s always aware of the valleys, because her husband gets a phone call urging him to donate.  His blood type is O-, the type that can be a universal donor.  

How many of us even know our blood type? I think blood type should be listed on a person’s driver’s license.  I’m proud to say my children have donated blood on numerous occasions.  I need to get with it!

Here is some information about blood types:
*There are 4 main blood types:  A, B, AB, and O. 

*Each of the blood types are either Rh-positive (+) or Rh-negative (-).
*Only about 15% of the population is Rh-, which means that those people lack a certain protein on their red blood cells.

*If you are Rh+, you can receive blood that is either Rh+ or Rh-.

*If you are Rh-, you can only receive blood that is Rh-.
*The majority of the population is either O+ (38%),  or A+ (34%).  The other types are:  O- (7%),  A-  (6%),  B+  (9%);  B-  (2%),  AB+  (3%),  and AB- (1%).
*Someone who is AB+ is a universal recipient.  He/she can receive any type of blood.
There are a few circumstances where you cannot give blood:
*If you are anemic.
*If you had a tattoo or skin piercing in the last four months.
*If you aren't feeling well.
*If you've had an infection in the last few weeks.
*If you've had antibiotics in the last 7 days.
*If you have or had a heart condition.
*If you travelled outside the country within the past 6 months. 
I'm sure there are other extenuating circumstances, but those were the general ones.
I hope that in next month's post I'll be reporting to you that I finally donated blood.  :-)   Would any of you like to share this goal with me?
Wishing you happiness and good health,