Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Looking Back One Year

Hi Everyone.  Happy Almost Easter.  Think back to last Easter.  How were you doing as far as taking care of your health?  Are you doing better this year?  The same?  Worse?  It's good to stop and check ourselves once in awhile, and perhaps kick ourselves in the butt, if necessary. Or, pat ourselves on the back.  Our health should be our top priority.

Anyway, I want to share something interesting that I read about the other day.  There was a study of 660 people in Texas, Kentucky and Maryland.  The upshot of the study was that if you are over 60, and doing OK mentally at that point, you can enhance your "episodic memory" by having 1-2 cocktails.  That's news to me!  Episodic memory is the ability to bring events to mind, whether they are recent happenings, or events from long ago.  The thought is that moderate alcohol consumption might promote generation of new nerve cells in the hippocampus- the brain area considered critical for episodic memory.  The link between the moderate alcohol consumption and the episodic memory improvement was revealed through reviewing the participants' alcohol consumption, demographics, neuropsychological evaluations, MRIs of their brains, and whether or not they were genetically at risk for Alzheimer's.  Researchers warned, however, that having five or more drinks an any one occasion would do the brain more harm than good.  (Well, now, duh).--From Dr. Andrew Weill's Daily Health Tips, (an excellent blog to follow).

It really bothers me when people make such a big deal about aging, inferring that it means you're going downhill. You could actually improve your health as your age.  As a matter of fact, your "golden years" could be just that--golden, because you are finally taking care of you!  By just losing 10% of your body weight, (which, obviously, for a 200 pound person is only 20 pounds), you can reap the following benefits:

*Better blood pressure and heart health.
*Lower cholesterol.
*Less risk for diabetes.
*Better sleep, (if you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea).
*Less joint and back pain.
*Improved breathing.
*Less risk for colon cancer.
*Less risk for breast cancer.
*A healthier and happier gallbladder.
*More energy.
*Improved self-esteem.

So, instead of setting an overwhelming weight loss goal, why not just shoot for 10% ?

I hope this finds you well and happy. If you ever want someone to help support you through a wellness goal, I encourage you to reach out to someone.  My sister and I have texted each other daily, for 7 months now, reporting on how we're doing regarding food intake and exercise.  It has really helped us.  Happy Easter!