Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten Tip Tuesday, Volume 2

Hello again. I hope you had a healthy week.  Was it a little more stressful than usual?  I'll admit, it was for me, because I chose to have 16 family members get together at my house for an Easter brunch, and an egg hunt.  Notice I said "chose".  Sometimes I have to remind myself to not take on too much.  Does that happen to you?  The only problem for me was that I neglected to walk the dog, or workout, for more than two days in a row, and that's a big no-no for me, and of course for the dog.  (Sorry, Lucy.)  If you read my first blog, then you know that I have a self imposed rule: I cannot go more than two days in a row without a workout.  But, sometimes I break that rule, maybe once or twice a year, and it reminds me why I need to slow down and take breaks.  Did my company really notice that I had scrubbed the floors and washed the windows?  Is it really that important?  Well, I guess if we didn't have these get-togethers once in awhile, some of the deep cleaning would never get done, and some of the little repairs would never happen.  So, it's all good.  It's all about balance, don't you think?  Wellness.  Well, enough on that, on to the ten tips for this week:

1.  Splurge on the right tools, such as a pedometer that can handle all the times you might drop it accidently; a good pair of workout shoes; an ipod that will help you enjoy your workouts more; a salad spinner;  tools that can help get you to your goals with more ease and enjoyment.

2.  When you look at the ingredients on a container, remember that they are listed in order of weight within the recipe.  Largest quantities are listed first, so look for healthy ingredients listed right away, such as whole grains.

3.  There is a good reason why you should take a day off between weightlifting sessions:  If indeed you are working a muscle group "to fatigue," the 24 hours of rest will allow the micro-tears that have occured while lifting to repair themselves and therefore be strengthened.  The muscles need this time to heal and grow.  Some people alternate their lifting days by working arms one day, and lower body the next day.

4.  Self esteem quote:  "Just as it's impossible for people to agree on 'the best movie or book of all time'; a single definition of beauty doesn't exist." -Shari Graydon.  Please keep that in mind when you start picking on yourself.  Learn to love yourself as the unique person you are.

5.  Eating protein after a workout will help your recover faster.  That's because protein and amino acids will help the muscles begin the healing process, and make new cells.  Source:  Women's Health, 10/08.  A study in Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabollism. 
Consider having a hard boiled egg, a cheese stick or some almonds after your workout.  You get the drill.

6.  This fact from the National Institutes of Health is alarming to me:  If your waist-to-hip ratio is .88 or more, your risk of dying from cardio-vascular disease increases nearly 3.5 times!  It's never too late to start a new eating/exercise plan.  Make a list of all of the benefits a new program would help you gain.

7. Which do you remember more quickly--the most recent criticism you received?  Or, the most recent compliment you received?  That's what I thought.  Why not start a "Compliment Book"?  You could take a blank notebook and write down compliments you've received.  Plus, that would be a good place to put those thank you notes and warm fuzzy cards you (hopefully) get once in awhile.  Lastly, compliment yourself too!  When that little voice inside congratulates you on a job well done, write it down!  Visit your "Compliment Book" from time to time, when you find yourself having a pity party.  Make a fun cover for your book, with photos and phrases you cut out of magazines.

8.  I like this one, it gives you permission to have some dark chocolate daily:  German researchers gave a group of 22 men and women with high blood pressure a quarter ounce piece of dark chocolate each day for 18 weeks.  At the end of this study, the blood pressure levels dropped so much that risk of stroke was lowered by 8%!  Plus, four of the participants wound up having normal blood pressure levels at study's end. Important point to remember:  that was 1/4 ounce, not one ounce.  Bummer.

9.  Take yourself on a Wellness Field Trip.  Go visit the local health food store;  check out the athletic supply store;  go to the bookstore specifically to look at self-help books; go to the library and check out exercise DVDs;  visit a bike store;  check out the shoe store that caters to athletes.  You get the drill.  While you're at it, walk to the destinations you choose.

10.  Do you have a basket of fresh fruit on your counter, or on your desk at work?  It might be just the boost you (and others around you) might need to grab a healthy snack when you want something NOW.

That's all folks! 

Sending you motivation and encouragement,


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