Sunday, December 18, 2011

McDonalds Has Nothing On Me!

Hi Everyone,

Are you surviving the holidays?  I hope you are able to find the time for exercise, if that's what you wish to do.  It will help with the stress that goes along with the season, and help even out any extra calories you might consume.  Have you considered asking for a fitness related present?

I chose today's title because I have come up with a killer breakfast sandwich, similar to what McDonald's offers, but sooooooooo much healthier, and better tasting too!  Well, at least my son and I think so.  Check this out:

The main ingredients are:  turkey ham, egg and whole wheat English muffin.  It can be made in less than five minutes. We grill the turkey ham quickly, poach the egg in the microwave, and toast the English muffin.  Of course, it's nice to put something on the muffin.  My choice is Dijon mustard, but avocado works well too, or you could try some nonfat Greek yogurt.  Then, the sky is the limit as far as what else you might want to add:  tomato; sprouts; low fat cheese; cucumber.  Or, maybe you'd prefer a round veggie or turkey sausage instead of the turkey ham. 

Poaching an egg in the microwave is so quick and easy.  Spray a ramekin with cooking spray.  Crack an egg into the ramekin and pierce the yolk with a fork several times.  Be sure to cover the ramekin with a paper towel, so the egg doesn't explode in the micro.  And, since all microwaves are different, I suggest you start with 20 seconds, check, add seconds, etc.  My microwave takes 30 seconds to cook a poached egg with the yolk cooked medium.

If you're a Weight Watcher, this sandwich can follow the "Simply Filling" plan, if you choose the correct brands of muffin and turkey ham.  Check their website for a list of their power foods.  If you need to calculate points, it comes to 7 points plus.  Most importantly, it's quick, healthy, and very filling.

There's just one more fun substitute on a popular sandwich that I'd like to share, and that's the Reuben.  I substitute turkey for the pastrami, and mustard for the Thousand Island. It's still very delicious.

I'd love to hear about your healthy substitutions on some of the more popular menu items.  Meanwhile, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Mary R.

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