Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Rippling Effect

Hi Everyone, 

Are you enjoying these hot summer days we've been having?  How have you been doing wellness-wise?  I wanted to share something I learned one time at a Weight Watcher's meeting, called The Rippling Effect.  It's all about how making one little change can set off  a series of positive motions/emotions.  Below is a scenario, and then I've made a chart to show you how it might look visually.

*You find yourself sitting alone in front of the TV set at night, and start to think about getting up and making a snack.  Somehow you find the strength to not have that snack, and to just stay put.

*After getting through that challenge, you feel a sense of pride in yourself, and for the first time in a long time, (because late night snacking is a huge weakness of yours), you feel no guilt.  As an added bonus, you get a better night's sleep!

*When you wake up, you are still so proud of the decision you made the night before, that you decide to eat a healthy breakfast.  Then, why not keep this progress going!  You decide to exercise.

*With the added exercise you feel more energetic, plus your mood improves.  And, you now continue to have the desire to make healthy choices. So, you choose to eat healthy meals and snacks for the rest of the day.

*After a day like that you begin to feel like you have more self- control.  Plus, your improved mood and choices are perhaps affecting those around you.  And, if luck has its way, you are left with the desire to repeat the good choice you made the night before.

I hope this description and the visual below are helpful to you.  Mind over matter, right?  I know it will help me, if  when I choose to give it a try.  Take care!


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