Monday, September 29, 2014

Sharing the Wisdom of Others

Hi Everyone,
Yikes, September is almost over!  Time to squeeze in my monthly post.  I decided to share the wisdom of others today.  As many of you know, I'm a lifetime Weight Watcher.  So, I went back over some of the copious notes I've taken at meetings over the years, and selected some of the best ones for you.  The last wisdomette is from my mother, however.  Her insight on so many things amazes me.  I want to be more like her.

Weight Watcher notes:
*The most important eating utensil is a chair.

*Try to have the goal of always having a glass of water at your meals, whether is it instead of or alongside another drink.

*If you look to comfort food when thinking of a loved one who is gone, reach instead for something that person enjoyed doing, or taught you to do.  Examples:  crocheting or reading.

*During those times when you have been in control of your eating, do you remember the feeling you had?  Was is that you felt.....powerful?

*Never put food into your mouth when there's already some there.

*When eating a meal, try to stop eating before becoming overfull.  Use this visual trigger to help remind you to stop:  Put your napkin on your plate.

*If you buy food that is healthy for you, rather than the food that is on sale, remember that you are investing in yourself.

*You never know who you are sitting next to.  For example, there was a gal who sat next to someone she felt had no business being at a WW meeting.  Later, she found out that the woman had just lost over 80 pounds!

*If you are trying to lose weight, and you go off of your plan, don't wait until the next day to get back on track- start again at the next meal.

*Remember, when you are trying to live a healthy life, you can still eat all the foods you like, just in smaller portions.  This needs to be a lifelong habit, so just accept it as a fact, not a temporary behavior while trying to lose weight.

And finally, from my mother:
*The first bite of something is the best tasting bite.  No reason to overdo, you've already had the best part.

As much as I love to work out, I need to remember that exercise is really only a part of the equation when trying to attain a state of wellness. Healthy eating is at least twice as important as exercise. This is what I have deduced from all of my research on those two extremely important topics.

I hope this helps you.  I also hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy the crisp fall weather.


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