Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are You Proactive About Your Health and Wellness?

Hello Everyone.  Have you been enjoying the delights of autumn?  I hope so.  My topic this month might sound preachy, but my posts are as much for me as they are for others.  I could stand to be more proactive at times. Wellness is a continuum, and something to constantly work on.

Let me list the various areas of wellness, and what I think proactive behavior would look like in each area.  I’ll make it a survey, so we can score points and see how we're doing.

Here is the point system for answers:

I never do that – 0 points
I do that sometimes – 1 point
I do that all of the time – 2 points

If interested, get out a piece of paper, and number it from 1-25.  Here we go!

Personal Maturity:
*_____1. If I find myself talking negatively to myself, I stop and rephrase, making the statement more positive.

*_____2. When I want to improve in some area of my personality, (such as trying to gossip less, or trying to not stretch the truth), I make a conscious effort to keep myself in check.

*_____3. I am optimistic about myself and life in general.

*_____4. I try to develop good habits and get rid of bad habits.

*_____5. I accept compliments that I am given, and also take the opportunity to give others sincere compliments.

Emotional Maturity:

*_____6. I make sure to discuss things that concern me, either with a friend, a professional, or by writing in a journal.

*_____7. I try not to worry or perseverate about things, telling myself it doesn't do much good anyway- tomorrow is a new day.

*_____8. I have a hobby or activity in my life that I am passionate about.

*_____9. I keep my temper under control.

Physical Maturity:

*_____10. If I have a prescription, I make sure I never let it run out, before ordering a refill.

*_____11. If I say I want to work out more, then I make sure it happens.

*_____12. I exercise moderation in my eating habits, making sure I have a healthy diet 90% of the time.

*_____13. I follow seat belt, helmet, and life jacket, and driving rules. 

*_____14. I am proactive about trying to get enough sleep every night.

*_____15. I use alcohol in moderation.

*_____16. I seek medical treatment as soon as I notice that something isn't quite right.

*_____17. I wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, on exposed areas, daily.

*_____18. I keep up with all of the 'tests' that are suggested for someone my age. (Examples:  colonoscopy, pap smear, prostate check, blood tests, skin checks, etc.)

Social and Ethical Maturity:

*_____19. I keep in touch with those I love on a regular basis.

*_____20. If I have a problem with a family member or friend, I try to resolve that problem.

*_____21. I do not judge people by their looks, or their status in life.

*_____22. I look for opportunities to help those less fortunate than myself.

*_____23. I look people in the eye and smile frequently.

Intellectual Maturity:

*_____24. I try to read regularly, or work on other activities that stimulate my brain.

*_____25. I look for opportunities to use my creativity.

Here's what your score might mean:

Total of 45-50 points = "Ms. or Mr. Proactive!!!"
Total of 40-44 points = You might need to pay a little more attention to your health.
Total of 35-39 points = Maybe you need a push in the right direction.
Less than 35 points = Put 911 on speed dial.  You might need it.

Have you ever noticed that the word HEAL is in the word HEALTH?  Enough said.  I hope you found the survey worth your time.

Take good care,


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