Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wellness at the Workplace-Part II

Hi Everyone,

If you caught my last post, then you know that I had so much to say about Wellness at the Workplace, that I decided to save the rest of my ideas for a second post on the topic.  So, here goes!

Here are some more tips for the boss, or the Wellness Director, should you be lucky to have one at your place of business:

1.  Need a reason to have a celebration?  Years ago, at a place where I worked,  we started an annual tradition of celebrating Festivus, ("For the rest of us!").  If you're not aware of what Festivus is, it's from the TV sitcom, Seinfeld. George's father, Frank, came up with it.   You'd have to look it up and watch the episodes that refer to it, to understand the reasoning behind it, and the activities involved.  Trust me, it's worth checking into.  People love it. 

2.  I keep getting back to the idea of a board for people to post pictures, recipes, etc.  So, let's call it a Wellness Board, shall we?  I've mentioned healthy recipes, and pictures of family and pets, but you could also encourage people to post: carpooling requests;  requests for exercise buddies; classified ads; coupons; sign-ups for a group trip to a sporting event; sign-ups for a community volleyball team, or a biking excursion.  The ideas are endless.

3.  Is there a walking path around your place of business?  If not, could one easily be made?  Not only could people use the path for walking or jogging during their breaks, or before and after work, but maybe even 'walking meetings' are feasible, given a smaller staff. 

4. It doesn't hurt to ask local businesses if they'd like to sponsor your wellness activities.  Sometimes the local gym will offer corporate memberships at a reduced cost.

5.  Make the staff room a place where people want to spend their breaks. Can you afford to purchase subscriptions to some of the more popular health magazines?   There could be a library set up, where employees bring in their used books and magazines. Is there a water cooler?  Some of the staff members might be willing to put money together for filtered water to be delivered.  Is there adequate light?  Plants?  Motivating quotes?  Nice hand soap?  How about the paint color?  Could that be improved?

6.  Is a 'Family Fun Night' a possibility?  Someone might be willing to head up such an activity, with crafts, games, etc.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  Remember, happy employees = happy work environment = more productivity.

7.  If you're remodeling, or just starting to build an office space, why not invest in a shower for employees to use if they ride their bikes to work, or if they workout during their lunch breaks?  By the way, do you have a place where people could safely lock their bicycles?

8.  I mentioned Wellness Wednesdays in my last post.  Here are some more suggestions for special events that could be held on a Wednesday:  flu shots; guest speakers; a yoga class; neck massages;  a volunteer activity such as serving at a homeless shelter or cleaning up a road; or, sharing your talents and passions.  Also, if you want to just concentrate on one month of wellness activities each year, May is Health and Fitness Month.

9.  One of my employers actually furnished a basket of umbrellas right by the door.  It's the little things...

10. If the staff is small enough, a different employee could be randomly chosen each month, and  featured on the Wellness Board.  Someone could interview the staff member, and post interesting information about him or her.  The employee should be encouraged to bring in photos and other items to display.

11.  Consider making space for a few pieces of exercise equipment.  It's so easy to find inexpensive used exercise machines and hand weights.  The space could have a CD player, magazines, plants, etc.  Place the equipment near a window, if possible.

Whew.  I guess that's it.  I could go on and on, talking about Zen gardens, stress relief balls, exercise balls to sit on while at the computer....    But, I think as long as you have an open mind to improving the environment for your employees, you'll come up with and receive all kinds of ideas.  Have fun!  Think WELLNESS! 

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