Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is Your Passion?

Hi Everyone,

I hope my last two posts about Wellness at the Workplace were motivating to some of you.  I realize that some of you work at home, or are retired, but you could always share some of those ideas with people in your life who do have a workplace outside of the home.  Please help spread the word, and the wellness!

So, what's your passion?  I like asking the people I meet, including students I work with at the middle school level, about their passions.  Isn't the one thing that strongly interests you, the same thing that puts a smile on your face, and an extra bounce in your step?  Of course, sometimes I cringe when the answer I get from a student is, "Video games!"    But, hey, at least the kid is passionate about something, and the fact that he can talk about it in a small group will probably help him the next time he has to give a speech.

My passion is wellness and trying to motivate others towards improving their own state of wellness.  Surprised?  If I had to choose between reading a really good novel, or reading a nonfiction book related to health in any way, I'd choose the latter.  The first thing I want to do every morning, after breakfast, is exercise.  How did I develop this passion?  I guess it's been with me my whole life.  In 1974, when I started my first teaching job in Springfield, Oregon, I made a little booklet for each of my students, (using the ditto machine!), titled, "Feeling Good."   So, a sub-topic of wellness that I especially like to concentrate on is helping people improve their self-esteem.  That's why I'm working on a self-esteem workbook for kids.

Enough about me, I'd love to hear about your passions.  It's what makes the world so enjoyable, meeting people who have such a variety of interests. And, wouldn't you agree that one of the biggest components of having good mental health is having a strong interest in something?  If I were asked about the passions of some of my friends and family members, I'd say:  rowing; science; crafts; reading; antiquing; sewing; working with wood; computer gaming; ping pong (another one of my passions!); swimming; cycling;  agility competitions (with the dog); crossword puzzles; volunteering; choreography; cooking; playing the guitar and singing; and much more.  Many of us have more than one passion, of course, but I'm asking about the one thing (hobby, would be another way to look at it) that gives you the most joy.

So, the  next time you meet someone, if you are having a long enough conversation, and it's not too awkward, why not ask the person what he or she is passionate about?  I bet they'd love to share, and it can not only feed their self-esteem, but also improve your interest or knowledge about the topic.  If you have kids or grandkids, I hope you can help them develop whatever interests them, making a strong and very positive impact on their self-esteem. 

Well, what's your passion?  I'd love to hear about it.

Wishing you wellness.

Mary R.

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