Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Few Ideas to Share

Hi Everyone,

Well, did you ask anyone about their passion?  I did.  I asked my doctor the other day during an office visit!  It took her by surprise, but I think she enjoyed talking about herself for a change.  It only took a little time away from the business at hand.  And just think, maybe she'll ask someone about her passion, and then
that person will ask someone else about his, and so on and so forth.  Spreading wellness.  I love it.

I just have a few ideas to share about what has helped me in my strive for improved wellness:

*When you make muffins, use the mini-muffin tin that makes 24 muffins!  I eat two or three of these, instead of 2 of the normal-sized muffins.  Notice the oatmeal that I thew on top of the muffins before baking them. It makes them look so much healthier!  I found the tin at Kohl's, in their "Food Network" display.

*When it's time to bump up the cardio, I'm sure there are many textbook formulas of how to go about it, but I just come up with little mind games to play. For example, I breathe every four stroke while swimming freestyle, so I make myself do three fast strokes, and then a slower stroke for the breath.  Or, I'll have two fast strokes, and then two at normal speed.  Another way I've mixed it up is to sprint every third lap.  When on any cardio piece of equipment, I'll make myelf work at a higher pace throughout the entire commercal segment.  Or, I'll make myself work harder every other minute.  If I'm listening to music, I'll make myself keep pace with  the faster songs. 

*Mixing strength training with cardio can be a unique workout to try as well.  At my gym, there's a spinning
room right next to the weights.  I'll spin at a fast pace for two minutes, then go through a set on the weights, rotating that practice for a total of 30 minutes of cycling, and obviously several sets of lifting. It keeps the heart rate up for sure!

*I just had to take a picture of this fun breakfast treat I made myself the other day.  It's angel food cake with
raspberries, strawberries,blackberries, and fat-free whipped topping.  It certainly wasn't  my usual breakfast that always includes a fair amount of protein, but it was fun to feel like I was splurging a little.

Do you have any ideas to share?  I'd love to hear about them. Hope these are helpful to you.  Wishing you wellness!

Mary R.

PS  It's weird how the text is spaced on the posts.  I don't type with those spaces, they just show up. If you're a techie, I'd love to learn about how to avoid this problem.

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