Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have You Ever........?

Hi Everyone,

Well, shucks.  I wrote this post a few days ago, when the sun had been out for a few days and I (for one) was on a super emotional high. Why didn't I send it out then?  I guess I felt it needed more editing.  Now, it's been raining steadily, and I wonder if I should even go ahead with my post.  Well, what the heck, I'm an optimist, so, here goes:

Isn't time just flying by?  Where did January go?  At least here in Oregon we're getting some very pleasant weather.  The sunny (rainless!) days seem to be motivating people around me to begin their spring cleaning; dust the bike off for a nice country ride; or try some other fun project/activity.  With all this energy I'm seeing and feeling, I'm hoping this post can help motivate you to try something that might put a smile on your face, or on someone else's face. Some of the ideas listed below were gleaned from a book titled, "Keeping Life Simple," by Karen Levine.  What does this list have to do with wellness?  Everything, in my opinion.  Like I've said before, I think a holistic approach to improving our quality of life is the best approach to being healthier and happier.

How about trying some of these suggestions:
*Keep a dream journal next to your bed.  Write down your dreams the minute you remember them,  then try to analyze why you were dreaming about that topic.  Or, how about a gratitude journal?
*Check out the hiking trails in your area.  Invite a friend!
*Roast a marshmallow over candlelight.  Or, have a campfire on a nice evening.  Invite the neighbors.
*Bake bread from scratch.  Kneading can be so relaxing.  Then there's the smell and taste of the finished product, too.
*Try selling something on Craigslist, Ebay, or at a consignment shop.
*Interview an elderly family member about his or her childhood.  Take notes, and a picture.
*Wash the car, inside and out, instead of going through a car wash.
*Invest in a set of wind chimes.
*Purchase fruit, vegetables and flowers from local farmers.
*Donate your time, your blood, something!
*Try stretching first thing in the morning, to beautiful music.  How about 21 days in a row--make it a habit!
*Take a warm bath, with candles, and nice music.  Put a towel in the dryer to use right after you get out of the tub.
*If you've never listened to a book on tape, give it a try.  Check your local library's selections.
*Make a list of the medicines and supplements you take, and put it in your wallet or in your car's glove compartment.
*Are there any young children in your life right now?  Make a memory game for them, using double sets of photographs.
*Consider putting a clothesline up outside, so you can dry your sheets.
*Start an herb garden.
*Make a list of the family vehicles, put it inside your kitchen cupboard, and keep track of tire rotations, oil changes, repairs etc.
*Keep a file of the paint color names and brands you've used in your home.  List the names of the stores where the paint was purchased, too.
*Purchase or make a birdhouse, and start feeding the birds. 

Can you add anything to this list that can help streamline our lives, and/or bring more enjoyment?  I'd love to hear  from you.

Meanwhile, I wish you wellness.  I hope the dry days come back, too!

Mary R.


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