Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talking to Strangers.

The other day I was at the gym, and had just finished a wonderful workout in the warm pool, basically treading water for thirty minutes.  I had decided to take that route as opposed to putting on goggles and swimming a mile in the colder pool.  Not only does it take more motivation to jump into a cold pool, but I  didn't want what I call "raccoon eyes" from the goggles.

In the locker room, this gal who had just finished swimming laps said, "Isn't swimming just the best way to start your day?"
I told her I was proud of her for swimming the laps and explained to her why I chose not to wear the goggles and do the same.  She said, "I know what you mean, but I don't have to look at myself, and I know how good it makes me feel inside.  Besides, who cares what others might think?  At least I got in a workout before I started my day, and besides, if the ship goes down, I'm the one surviving!"

That was great.   I'm glad I had that interaction with her, and will use her rationale the next time I try talking myself out of swimming laps.  Plus, her enthusiasm was contagious. 

Now, onto some healthful information:
*This is on the wall at my gym:  "No amount of exercise can replace poor nutrition."   From everything I've read, that is so true.  Diet trumps exercise.  But, a good diet, and the right amount of exercise is the perfect combo, of course.

*I knew drinking green tea was healthful, but this seems pretty amazing:  Women can lower their risk of breast cancer by 28% when they drink two or more cups of green tea a day. --The Journal of Nutrition

*Think of exercise as a love affair with your future.  As in any love affair, you need to find the time that it requires to make it work.

*Have you ever wondered how long it takes to start losing muscle after you stop working out perhaps because of an injury or illness?  "Muscle strength starts to decrease after about two weeks, and you'll feel and see a difference within 6 weeks.  Change in tone is noticeable first in smaller muscles, like your arms and abs.  The good news: Even if you take a few weeks off from working out, you can regain the benefits of strength training at least twice as fast as if you would have never exercised." -Carol Espel, MS, fitness expert

I hope this finds you all feeling well and happy.  Have you ever had a fun and motivating conversation with a complete stranger?

Mary R.

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