Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feeling Anxious

Hi Everyone,

Yes, I'm feeling very anxious. I only have to go to bed 4 more times, before the doctor hopefully releases me to begin physical therapy, drive, and who knows what else.  I'm hoping he'll let me drop-kick my crutches, or at least go from two crutches to one.  Wish me luck!  The last time I drove was July 1, 2013.

This all reminds me of one of the beauties of life--simple pleasures, which I have blogged about before.  I absolutely can't wait to get back into a swimming pool; the bathtub; and the seat belt on the driver's side of my car.  It will be such a natural high just to be able to drive myself wherever and whenever I want; to hit a ping pong ball; and to enter the gym.  I hope I never take these things for granted again, and that this experience continues to help me feel empathy for others in far worse situations.

Here are a few interesting wellness facts:

*If you have an 'apple' figure as compared to a 'pear' shape, the apple figure is more dangerous health-wise, and here's why:  Abdominal fat is metabolized differently than the fat that is stored in our hips and thighs.  It is so interesting to learn that the less active fat stored on the hips and thighs serves as a fat storage area for making milk when lactating! No wonder you don't see guys with saddlebags!  The fat in the abdominal area is active and more readily released into the blood stream.  Unfortunately that means that it can clog arteries, and enter the liver as well.  When it is in the liver, it interrupts the body's ability to get rid of insulin.  With more insulin in the blood comes the chance of having higher blood pressure.  Next time I look in the mirror, I'm going to be more thankful for my pear shape.

*You've heard the saying:  Muscle weighs more than fat.  And, that's silly.  A pound is a pound.  Here's a more clear explanation:  A pound of fat fills up three to four times the amount of space that a pound of muscles does.  That's why two people can be the same height and weight and look either lean and toned, or flabby and out of shape.  Does that make you want to lift some weights or do some pushups?  I hope so.

Have a great day, and enjoy your freedom to do as you please.  I know I will.........................after I slumber four more times. YIPPEE!

Mary R.

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Rebecca.Alburn said...

Hang in there, Mary! See you at school soon, I hope!